The Cosmic Christ
New Prayers and Prophecies from Mother Mary
A New Teaching on the Cosmic Christ

During seven extraordinary evenings in Marin County, California, Mother Mary, the Christ, and the Archangels Metatron, Gabriel and Uriel gave the world a new Teaching on the Cosmic Christ.

Included in these remarkable communications are:

  • Newly updated prophecies on Earth Changes
  • What happened to the body of Jesus after the crucifixion
  • Mother Mary's description of the feminine Christ-Nature
  • The Prayer of the Divine Return. A detailed explanation of the forgotten Star Yoga of Christ, as taught to the Apostles and Nicodemus.

Rarely if ever before have the esoteric practices of both East and West - and the true foundation practices of Christianity - been so fully elucidated. New prayers and practices are revealed that not only serve one's personal liberation, but the healing and evolution of the Earth.


What is unique about these communications are that a new teaching about the Cosmic Christ was described over a period of weeks, including a new revelation of the Divine Feminine Christ nature. Also, a very technical and detailed description of the secret meditation taught to Nicodemus by Jesus of Nazareth is also revealed. This in itself is of great historical significance. This practice was communicated to and "transmitted" to the small group of people present when it was given, so the "vibrational" knowledge of the practice was communicated as well. This should be considered of great importance to any serious Christian scholar or esoteric Christian practitioner. Are there any similar revelations about this secret practice in the last two thousand years?

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