The Cosmic Christ
New Prayers and Prophecies from Mother Mary
The Cosmic Christ book is published and distributed by Blue Cougar Press, located in Northern California. The author of the book, Tambor Solana, is a modern day American mystic who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay area. The communications from Mother Mary came in the form of visitations, not "channelings." These were witnessed by a small group of people, some of whom also saw the "subtle" or spiritual form of Mother Mary. There is a long tradition of people receiving visitations from Mother Mary. In our time, the visitations of Mother Mary to a group of children in Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina began in 1981. Other famous visitations this century occurred in Garabandal, Spain, and in Zeitoun, Egypt, which was witnessed by approximately 250,000 people over a several week period.

It should be made clear that none of the attendees, nor Tambor Solana are traditional Catholics or Protestants. We are spiritual practitioners of various traditions. Mother Mary appeared to us, and we are sharing the spiritual love and teaching gems she freely gave.

Tambor Solana

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