The Cosmic Christ
New Prayers and Prophecies from Mother Mary
In the early 1990’s several books were published which predicted the coming of a number of natural disasters, commonly referred to as "Earth changes." Some of these books were very popular and likely inspired a great number of people to make changes in their personal and spiritual lives.  People began to pray for the Earth in a way that hadn’t been done in long time. As it turned out, few if any of these great prophecies came to pass.

Of course, prophets don’t want their prophecies to come true. It’s too painful. They hope to warn and thus to avert disasters from happening. However, now and then, dramatic prophecies do occur, and when they do, it forces even the most rational and secular thinker to seriously consider, and possibly accept the authenticity of the source. Such is the case with this book.

On May 14th, 1996 Mother Mary said:  “It is possible that the area known as Macedonia and Northeastern Albania, and the area where the Kosovo Albanians (are) could get drawn into further political and ethnic strife. These possible scenarios are for late 1998 and 1999” (page 35, The Cosmic Christ).
On March 7th, 1996 from by communication of Archangel Metatron: “Earth changes are scheduled in Europe, especially in northern Portugal and northern Spain area around 2000-2001, and in other parts of the world: Turkey, Israel, Japan, India, Pakistan, Zaire, Kenya, Uganda, Italy, and Greece. These are scheduled for Earth changes (page 17, The Cosmic Christ).

Let’s review some of the events and Earth changes that actually transpired.

Macedonia and Albania:

As we know, this area was the scene of a major conflict which escalated in late 1998, finally involving NATO and US forces.

India & Pakistan:

On January 26th, 2001 the most intense earthquake in half a century hit the subcontinent in the northwestern state of Gujarat. Approximately 20,000 people were killed and another 166,000 injured in a quake whose magnitude ranged from 7.6 to 8.1 on the Richter scale. Almost one million homes were destroyed in India and neighboring Pakistan.


On August 17th, 1999 one of the most powerful earthquakes in the 20th century hit northwestern Turkey, with a magnitude of 7.6 on the Richter scale. Approximately 17, 000 people were killed and another 44, 000 were injured. It was the worst earthquake in Turkey in 60 years.


On September 7th, 1999 a magnitude 6.0 earthquakes hit Greece, killing 143 and injuring 2,000. It was the worst earthquake in Greece in almost half a century. The years of 1998, 1999 and 2000 recorded a staggering number of 34,655 forest fires which burned almost 300,000 acres of land!


Oct 2000 recorded a 6.8 magnitude earthquake that killed 21 and injured 2000. Japan also saw the largest typhoon in over a decade. A 7.6 magnitude erupted in Japan’s Volcano Islands in March of 2000.

Zaire (DRC):

In January 2002, a volcano erupted in eastern Congo, killing at least 40 people and stranding almost half a million people. More than 250,000 people fled the area.


Several of the prophecies appear to be quite accurate. Few Americans in 1996 had ever heard about Kosovo, let alone know where it was or its history. This prophecy was accurate almost to the month. The catastrophe in India occurred within the predicted period. The catastrophe in Turkey occurred within five months of the predicted period. Greece suffered natural disasters in the time period, although the worst forest fires were in 1998. Japan suffered natural disasters in 2000, but nothing terribly severe. You need to decide how close some of these prophecies are. Nevertheless, when you compare these prophecies with some of the earlier prophetic books that were published in the 1990s, we believe that more of the prophecies described in The Cosmic Christ have regrettably came true than in these other books. That is important enough to call your attention to what else is mentioned and recommended in this book.

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